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Depression, against what many people think is an illness or medical disorder. It does not signify weakness in any way as it is the common belief .There are different types of depression which have different signs and symptoms. The major types of Depression and also most common include Major Depression which can also be referred to as clinical depression and dysthymia which is commonly known as chronic depression. There are also other types of depression which vary in their symptoms, signs and treatment. Some of them are seasonal best buy viagra depression, bipolar depression and Atypical Depression.

Major Depressive Disorder

Major depressive disorder is a depression type that is characterized by combined symptoms which include insomnia, lack of appetite and finding no pleasure in doing what a patient used to enjoy. Major depressive disorder can occur to an individual only once in a lifetime. The victim suffers from loneliness, hopelessness and feelings of sadness for a few days. Clinical depression is known to disable a victim and prevent them from doing things in a normal way. With clinical depression the symptoms may include, disinterest in all things or either a depressed mood. The symptoms of clinical depression occur on a daily basis for a period of two weeks. The symptoms can cause distress which should be clinically proved. The symptoms may be exempted from their association to clinical depression in some cases. If a victim shows the symptoms after taking drugs, within a period of two months after losing a family member or friend or suffers from hyperthyroidism, then the individual may be exempted from suspicion that he or she is suffering from clinical depression.

Chronic Depression

An individual can be said to suffer from chronic depression after experiencing a depressed mood for a very long time like two years and more. Though Clinical depression is more severe than chronic depression, victims of chronic depression are expected to experience an episode or more of Clinical depression in their lives. There is no clear cause of chronic depression but experts believe it is because of the changes in brain which in turn involving serotonin. Serotonin

is a chemical in the human brain that deals with the emotions of an individual. It is also believed that the common things that may heighten the chances of chronic depression are work and relationship problems, medications and chronic disorders or diseases.

Treatment of Depression

The most common treatment of depression is

the use of antidepressants. Depression types such as chronic depression which are known to be severe can also be treated by the use of antidepressants. It is advisable to individuals suspecting the depression symptoms seek medical assistance. The diagnosis of a potential victim is the first step to the treatment of depression. Psychotherapy which is normally referred to as counseling can be used to treat depression cases. According to the doctor or health specialist, depression can also be treated by combining both psychotherapy and medication. Seeking medical attention increases the chances of reducing the intensity of the symptoms associated with depression.drug cipro

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